Want list


When I think of all the things I want to do and change about my life, I feel completely overwhelmed. And then, all I can hear is the voice inside my head that tells me that it’s pointless, impossible and that I don’t have the time. That it makes no sense and I’d better give up now, before being disappointed. That it’s useless to hope for things I can’t achieve.

So I wrote them down, all the big things I want to do or change in my life. And I realized that they are actually not that many. About seven or eight. Yes, big projects. Yes, I need consistency and to work on them for a longer period. But they seem a lot more doable when you look at them written down on a piece of paper. Some of them derive from others on the list, and I can work on them only after I achieve the others. That means that the list of things to work on right now is shorter. It came down to just five thingsĀ I want.

I called this my Want List, and it goes on the front page of my all in one notebook for daily motivation and focus.

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