What have you been thinking about lately?


What if, instead of the classical questions “How have you been doing?” and “How are you?” we’d ask:

“What have you been thinking about lately?”

At least it’s a question you can’t answer with the default “Fine, thanks”.

What if, we’d really answer this question?


  • Wow, so interesting as I’ve been thinking about those questions recently and have also started writing a blog post about it – what a lovely synchronicity there!I’ve written, however, about another commonly used question here: http://www.thewithinblog.com/where-are-you-from/
    Yeah, some of those ‘chitchat’ questions are sometimes my pet peeves…They seem so simple, yet they don’t always really encourage to provide full or ADEQUATE answer and often are used as a ‘silence filler’. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • yes, I find the how have you been doing question really boring, And last time I met someone who asked me that I thought of this idea, that if they’d ask me “what have you been thinking lately?” – I’d definitely have more interesting things to say 🙂
      I read your post and definitely get why the “Where are you from?” question would be similarly boring and repetitive when you live in another country. I don’t get that much, because I live in the country I am born in. 🙂

  • I ask this and i GET a lot of “nothing”. Despite efforts, it still offers a fine-esque reply.

    • Hmm … maybe people are so used to the default question and answer, that they find this question difficult, or maybe they don’t want to share. I’d keep asking, they might wake up from the default pleasantries at some point.

  • That’s a very interesting idea. I’ll have to try it out on my friends.

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