What I do now:

+ read a Course in Miracles – this will take quite some time because it’s difficult to read and there are over 2000 pages. If I finish it in 6 months I’ll be happy with myself

+ started a 6-week study of the Psalms with the app

+ decluttering my apartment – again, a project I expect to take some time because I do a little every few days a week, depending on my mood and willingness

+ continuing to eat healthy most of the time and discover new healthy and rapid recipes. I want to create a collection of recipes that are healthy, good and you can prepare quite fast

+ transitioning to my naturally curly hair – involves lots of hydration, hair masks, and learning how to care for curly hair

+ try to understand my INFJ type, observe myself and be more of my natural self


What I want to do more of, next to what I’m already doing:

+ exercise more, put my elliptical to a good use (already started but need to do it more)

+ find ways to better organize the work of my one employee in my accounting biz

+ blog!


updated: 06 August 2018